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Devon Air Ambulance Night Flying team

Devon Air Ambulance

Devon Air Ambulance is a charity that provides urgent medical assistance to people in Devon. With two helicopters, the team can reach emergency scenes – often inaccessible by road – within minutes, responding to approximately 1,200 incidents per year.

Devon Air Ambulance responds not just to patients who have sustained injuries, but also to patients who are suffering from a serious medical emergency such as a stroke or heart attack. No matter where you are in Devon, the Air Ambulances will be able to respond to you.

The helicopters can fly at 160 miles an hour which means that specialist paramedics can be delivered to the scene of an incident quickly and convey the patient to hospital in the shortest time possible. One of the great advantages of Devon Air Ambulance is that it can convey patients not only to the closest hospital but to specialist treatment centres (Exeter for cardiac treatment, Derriford for trauma incidents, Swansea for adults with serious or complex burns and Bristol Royal Infirmary for children).

Both helicopters have been specifically designed with the role of an Air Ambulance in mind and even have a special aviation incubator which can convey seriously ill new born babies to specialist treatment centres.

Though in 2017 operating costs increased to £6.4 million due to Night Flying, the Charity is extremely proud that they were able to extend their flying hours untill midnight for the Exeter aircraft.

Independent of any Government or Lottery funding, all operating costs of the service are met by public fundraising and donations. With the support of people and businesses like yourself, Devon Air Ambulance wouldn’t be able to save hundreds of lives per year.